Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is bembey free?

Yes, bembey is absolutely free. We believe that positivity, betterment, and privacy should never come at a cost.

Can I change the language?

Yes, you have language selectors both at the landing page and later again in the Settings page.

Can I select multiple moods?

Yes, you can select up to four detailed moods at the signup page and later again when editing your profile.

Can I change my profile selections after signing in?

Yes, you can easily edit your selections in the profile section. You will be able to edit your mood, age range, avatar, “about me” text, and the optional country and city.

How are the users % match values calculated?

These are based on a state-of-the-art matching algorithm working across multiple attributes for every combination of users across the App.

Can I search for a specific user?

Yes, using the search button, you can easily search by user ID in the Best Matches page, while also looking up users by either ID or text keywords in the Private Chat page.

Can I search for users in a specific location?

Yes, using the search button, you can easily search by Country or City in the Best Matches and Chat pages. This will show you all the users having that location selected in their profile.

Can I search for a specific public chat room?

Yes, you can search by either the Chat Room name or view a category in the Public Chat Room frame.

Can I edit my public chat room category?

No, you can edit your public chat room title and picture, but not your category. This is to avoid having the followers being mis-led to a non-relevant category. In such scenarios, we advise you to delete your chat room and create a new one as needed.

How can I reply to specific messages?

You can easily do so by swiping the message right.

Will I be speaking to any bots?

No, bembey only includes real people to connect with and talk to. We believe in real and genuine connections vs talking to robots.

Will I be speaking to any hired or paid specialists?

Absolutely not. At bembey, we believe that talking to real people who are sharing similar experiences is much more impactful than talking to someone paid to go through a predefined conversation checklist. bembey is where the real talk happens…

What happens when a private Chat Request is accepted?

As soon as a request is approved either from the Requests page or from the Profile page, an empty and unread conversation gets automatically created in the Private Chat page. You can either access the conversation from the Chat page or from your new anonymous friend’s profile.

Can I change the rating I gave to a user?

Yes, you can always rate again the same user from the Private Chat or Conversation pages. The multiple ratings will not be counted as duplicates, they will simply be updated with the last score.

Can you tell me more about how bembey works?

Sure, check this out.

Security and Privacy

Is my identity fully protected?

Yes, we are very serious about your privacy. bembey doesn’t access any location services or links with any of your private accounts and contacts. The App doesn’t even ask you for any private information including name, email, phone number, social accounts, picture, etc. The information exchanged on bembey platform both with our servers along with the other users, is strictly limited to what you are personally choosing to share.

Should I give my real name or reveal my identity when chatting?

We strongly do NOT recommend sharing your real name or revealing your identity on the App. Even if users ask you over chat about your real name, remember that the only personal information users know about you is the information which you are willingly sharing, so don’t be pressured in sharing any personal detail about yourself which you are not comfortable with, including your name. bembey is providing you with this safe and anonymous environment for you to use, so keep it to your benefit.

Can I share my user ID with my friends?

We strongly do NOT recommend sharing your user ID with anyone. This is your anonymous ID on the App and the only link with your real identity. Showing your user ID by mistake or sharing it with a person physically, maps you personally to that anonymous ID and exposes your identity. Specifically, watch out when showing the App to your friends on your phone, not to flash your user ID in your profile and conversations as this should remain private to you.

Can I reset my identity if it was revealed?

Yes, if your identity was revealed or for any other reason, you can always reset your identity from the settings page. As a result, all the chats with your user ID will be deleted on both sides and your user ID will be removed from the system.

Can I reset my user rating?

No, your rating is the result of your interactions with all the people you’ve connected with. While users can always edit the rating given to you from their side, you will not be able to personally change or reset your rating even if you reset your identity in full. This is to ensure that ratings reflect the real performance of all the individuals.

How are the Countries and Cities showing for users?

bembey is completely private and does not access any location services from users’ devices. The Countries and Cities showing for some of the users are strictly shared by the users themselves as an optional field part of their profile editing section. While this feature provides more relevance and added value for users’ connections, we have limited the Cities to only major ones with no risk of personal user identification.

Are my chats private?

Yes, fully. All bembey chats are private amongst their participants and only stored on their local devices. Servers are simply used temporarily to move the messages from a device to another over the cloud. Once the message reaches the recipient device, it gets auto-deleted from the server.

Will the sender know once I read their message?

No, we value privacy and don’t encourage intrusion. Users knowing if you instantly read their messages or not will put indirect pressure on you which is against our principles.

Can I delete my private chats on both sides?

Yes, you can easily close the chat and delete it on both sides by accessing the user options in the Private Chat or Conversation page.

Can I mute my private chats?

Yes, you can easily mute and unmute the chat by accessing the user options in the Private Chat or Conversation page.

Can I see which users are Online or Offline?

Yes, you can always identify if a user is Online or Offline by the color of their avatar bubble (Green for Online and Gray for Offline). You are also able to filter your Best Matches page by strictly Online or Offline users.

Can I change my user ID?

Yes and No. The user ID is the key identifier provided to you and generated randomly from a pool of Male and Female names. While you can edit mostly anything in your profile section (including your randomly generated avatar), you will not be able to edit your user ID as this was given to you by the system. However, you can always reset your identity in the Settings section, which will delete your user ID along with your account from the system, and provide you with a new one from scratch.

How can I report abuse?

There are two ways to do so. You can directly send an email to admin@bembey.com with the details of the abuse, or you can report the user from their profile, Private Chat, or Conversation page while mentioning the reason accordingly. Either way, we have a very stringent process in place for dealing with Red users, spanning from access related limitations to cases with further and appropriate actions.

Can I block users from contacting me?

Yes, by reporting the user from their profile, Private Chat, or Conversation page. Once reported, the chat between you and that user will be automatically deleted on both sides and the user will be blocked from sending you any further private chat requests. The user will also not be able to find you anymore as part of their Best Matches page, even if they searched for your user ID in specific. They will also maintain the same status even if they did reset their identity.

Can I kick out users from public chat rooms?

Yes, we have zero tolerance for any inappropriate behavior or abuse on bembey. After a user has been reported, we will block them from ever contacting you personally again. Moreover, as an owner of a public chat room, you may also block a user from following or even finding any of your created chat rooms. This will automatically remove their messages from those chat rooms, and that status will be kept even if they reset their identity.

Can I unblock users?

Yes, even though the blocked user cannot find you, however they will be visible to you and you can always resend them a private chat request which will cancel the blocked status.

Can I log in using my account on another device?

Yes, that’s the whole point of setting a password for your account in the settings page. Doing so will allow you to access your account from separate and future devices. You simply need to click on “Already have an account?” button on the landing page and log in accordingly.

Can I recover my account if I lost my password?

Unfortunately not. Due to our promise of taking your privacy very seriously, we do not connect to any of your private accounts or ask for your email, phone, etc. As a result, there is no way to contact you and validate your account, which means that remembering your password is super important if you wish to maintain your same account and user ID. Needless to say, if you eventually fall in such a situation, you can always create a new account with a new user ID.

What happens if I log out without setting an account password?

Due to our promise of taking your privacy very seriously, we do not connect to any of your private accounts or ask for your email, phone, etc. As a result, there is no way to contact you and validate your account, which means that logging out without setting a password is the equivalent of deleting the account from the system as it won’t be accessible anymore. We do however provide you with a clear warning before logging out to make sure you set a password accordingly.

Can my account be automatically deactivated?

Yes, there could be multiple reasons why that would happen. One reason is due to any inappropriate behavior which you were reported against in public or private chats. Another reason could be due to prolonged user inactivity of more than 90 days while also having no account password set. All measures are put in place to ensure a sustainable and positive experience for the whole bembey community.

Do you have a Terms & Privacy Policy?

Sure, check it out here.