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bembey - better me, better you.

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Welcome to a world of
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This is the place where you can connect and chat with any similar person
from around the world, in a fun, friendly, and completely safe environment.

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What is



Users create and edit personal profiles, initiate public chat rooms, exchange chat requests, and maintain personal ratings based on interactions and experiences.


Users privacy is taken very seriously, with zero identifiable details asked for, and no connection to any private accounts or contacts. Users are also able to reset their identity and delete their account including all chats.


Messages are only kept on users phone with no permanent server backup. Users are able to mute or delete chats from both sides while also reporting and blocking others from further connection.


The platform is driven behind a good cause and targeted towards spreading positivity and betterment in our society. This is enabled by connecting similar people together to share the load or realize the best in each.


The App with all its current features, comes with no price tag. Positivity, betterment, and privacy should never come at a cost.


Users connections, matches, and public chat rooms are never limited to personal networks, contact lists or locations. They are simply bound by the amazing similarity of people from all around the world.


Users recommendations are based on matching algorithms enabled by Artificial Intelligence with personal and mood related commonalities. The key objective is to always link the right people together for the benefit of each.


Users across the App are all real people wanting to connect with the world. No bots or any paid specialists are used as part of the network. bembey is where the real talk happens...

Available on iOS & Android

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bembey is a product!

The platform is the proud creation of its parent company Digilivery.
The founders’ vision is to create and deliver cutting edge digital solutions to people all over the world, today and every day...

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